We specialise in testing and commissioning of critical HV, MV and LV electrical equipment.


Comprehensive testing to achieve ultimate performance

Our skilled technicians deliver comprehensive and appropriate testing to ensure your electrical equipment is operating at an optimal level. With a depth of experience and knowledge, the commissioning team has the capability to install and test a large variety of Low and High Voltage plant and protection systems. All of our testing services are backed up by extensive equipment reports.


Our testing and commissioning capabilities include:

  • Primary plant services
    • Circuit breakers (including timing tests)
    • Current transformers
    • Voltage transformers
    • Transformers and transformer guards
    • Disconnectors
    • Earthing switches
    • Insulation quality assessment (Tan Delta testing)
    • Primary current injection testing (Up to 800A AC)
    • Sweep frequency response analysis tests
  • Protection relay testing using Omicron 3 phase test injection set
    • Distance protection
    • Differential protection
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Earth fault (residual) protection
    • Generator protection
    • Motor protection
    • Trip logic testing
  • Secondary systems
    • Protection schemes using Teleprotection
    • SCADA and RTU (Bay Controller) systems
    • Condition monitoring equipment
    • Wiring systems including insulation resistance testing and point to point checks
    • AC and DC supply systems including backup power supplies.

Related Projects

We were engaged by the SA Water Corporation to conduct inspections and tests on the 3.3kV cables, pump motors and switchboard as per a defined maintenance schedule.

We were engaged to conduct the HV tests on the installed primary plant at a substation on a renewable energy site.

We conducted HV protection system testing for the company responsible for the operation and management of a utility-sized solar generating facility in regional South Australia.